Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been put together so that you have a better understanding of what information we collect, how we will use it and what your options are. Please read it carefully so that you know the terms and conditions that will apply if you use our website!
Thank you in advance for your interest in our website and our privacy policy.

Personal identification information
First of all, please be aware that while you’re visiting our site we may store information that can be used to personally identify you. This includes (but is not limited to) such information as who you are, what you’re doing on our site, and what services and resources you use. If you provide us with a password and a username, then we will store this as well.
Note that this information will only be stored if it is given voluntarily. If you do not give us this information then we will not store it. Do be aware, if you decide not to give us this information than some areas of the site may not work as they’re supposed to.

Non-personal identification information
While you’re here we will also automatically collect non-personal information. This includes such things as what are you’re accessing from, what computer you’re using, the operating system and what internet provider you’re using.
Web browser cookies
“Cookies” are small bits of code that are uploaded onto your computer and which websites use to identify you who you are when you visit them or other websites later on. They’re often used to make your online experience run more smoothly as they’ll remember information about you.
Our website sometimes may send out such cookies. If you do not wish to receive them, then make sure you set your browser to either not accept cookies or to ask you if you’d like to accept cookies every time a website – like ours – tries to send one to you.
Do note that again, if you do not accept these cookies then our website may not function as it is supposed to. 
How we use the information you’ve provided us with
The information we collect about you is collected for two reasons:
To make our site run better.
To provide you with better customer service.
Your personal information will never be handed over to third parties.
We will protect your information
As your trust in is us is important to us, please be aware that we will keep your information safe. This means that we’ve adopted the appropriate data collection, storage and security practices necessary to do so.
We also use the appropriate encryption to make sure your sensitive information stays confidential and that when you have stopped using our services, your information will be destroyed in a timely manner.

Sharing your personal information
We do take the information that is sent to our site and sometimes shares it in aggregate with third parties. What this means is that we do not share actual specific customer information, but instead take all the information, strip it of identifying features and share only details about the population as a whole. So, for example, we might share the average age of our visitors, the percentage of them which are men and women, or from which country they are visiting our site.
This information will only be shared with affiliates, trusted business partners or advertisers.
Third party websites
Do note that sometimes through our site you might access third-party websites. For example, the advertisements displayed are sent to us. This information might come from our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors and other third parties.
It is important to know that we cannot always control the content of what these third parties show you. Also, they might send cookies or other bits of information to your computer, so they can send you information which they deem to be more valuable to you.
These sites have their own privacy policies, which you should peruse and consider carefully, just like you’re doing with ours, for they might have different terms and conditions from what we do.

Changes to this privacy policy
This privacy policy is subject to unannounced change as we update our privacy policy. By serving on our site, you both agree to the terms as they’re listed here and you also agree to check back to see if the terms and conditions here listed have changed. You will know when they have based on the date at the bottom of this document. It will be updated when we make changes.
If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use our website.

Contacting us
If you have any questions for us, you can reach out to us. We’ll gladly discuss these terms and conditions with you.